Will Caminada - Shifting to 5D Consciousness - GNG #43

Will Caminada is a Spiritual Guide, Singer / Songwriter, and Author of “From Darkness To Light – A Continuous Journey Towards Your Essence”.

Will’s mission is to guide fellow humans into their soul and heart. His core focus is to contribute to the AWAKENING and HEALING of humanity and the EXPANSION of our Consciousness.

In 2017, after a period of intense awakening and healing, he released his self-written EP From Darkness To Light. He then began sharing his spiritual journey online and through workshops.

Today his online Guided Meditations and Workshops reach thousands of beautiful souls around the globe. His Podcast and monthly Breathwork & Meditation Classes keep growing into a safe platform for healing and spiritual connection, for people of all walks of life looking to expand their consciousness.

He envisions a world where we’ll all live based on the principle that LOVE and CHANGE lie within each one of us.

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Follow him at the following;

👉🏼Website ➜ www.willcaminada.com
👉🏼Facebook ➜ fb.com/WillCaminada
👉🏼Instagram ➜ instagram.com/guiwill
👉🏼Youtube ➜ youtube.com/user/WillCaminada
👉🏼Insight Timer ➜ insig.ht/WillCaminada

Free Monthly Guided Meditations: willcaminada.com/subscribe
Online Program 5x5D – 5 Weeks Into 5D Consciousness: willcaminada.com/5d
Monthly Breathwork & Meditation Online Group Classes: willcaminada.com/events
The Will Caminada Podcast: buzzsprout.com/1385299


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