Ivy Kwong

Ivy Kwong ​If you’re reading this, there’s a healthy dose of hope and readiness inside of you to live a better life: Less loneliness, more connection. Less drama, more peace. Less superficial bs, more meaning. Access to deeper levels of love and intimacy that you deserve and are finally ready to receive. I promise you […]

Sim Suen

Sim Suen 14 years of Compliance experience in Hong Kong. Experience includes advising on new business initiatives, surveillance, HKMA inspections, anti-money laundering, licensing, takeover transactions and the delivery of compliance training. Independent, analytical, team player, strong presentation skills and very good at building relationships with the front-office and other risk & support functions. Active in […]

Michael Zellar

Michael Zellar I’m Mike and I’ve been in business for myself for almost two decades. I’ve started over twenty businesses in numerous ventures, and coached and mentored 100 + high-level entrepreneurs.   But also—I’ve failed. A LOT.  For years, I didn’t have the right support, belief system or tools to succeed at my highest level. So I just kept failing […]

Tom Green

Tom Green Disruption will take down the most robust of businesses and monopolies, unless those businesses are willing to change and do so at a pace which delivers a fair and equitable value exchange for their customers (and stakeholders). Today, an 11-year-old (or 68-year-old) in the furthest flung corners of the world can setup a […]

Eric Balance

Eric Balance Eric Balance is an entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada who went to university for accounting and finance but found his passion in digital marketing, specifically direct response.   Eric is a direct response expert who helps companies profit wildly through the online space. He has personally helped coaches monetize their knowledge online and helped them build […]

Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta Could you be much happier if certain aspects of your life changed? Are you successful but not fulfilled? Have you lost some passion or momentum?  Do you feel stuck?  Is there at least one relationship that could be improved?  Do you feel you could make a greater difference?  Do feel you could perform […]

Shayla Humphrey

Shayla Humphrey Depression, anxiety, PTSD, being bullied at school and feeling of unworthiness were all the things that Shayla had to battle with that eventually lead her into taking her own life on multiple occasions. During one of her suicide attempts, she became unconscious and journey into heaven. This is where she encountered guidance from […]

Gary Ng

Gary Ng Initially my personal goal was always inwardly focused, to become a millionaire. However over the years, I’ve learnt something that is more dear to my heart and that is to be able to bring Happiness, Success and Fun (HSF) to those around me. This is an opportunity for me to share my experiences […]

Rafael Aisner

Rafael Aisner Rafael is often called “The Millionaire’s Shaman” by his clients because of his powerful personal fulfillment and financial wealth formula. Rafael walks his talk having created an extraordinary life of living in a tropical island paradise, sailing the Thailand archipelago with his family, and enjoying the big city experience from his Bangkok Ritz […]

Dr Steve Young

Dr. Steve Young As the co-founder of Ammortal, Dr. Steve Young’s “moonshot” goal is to help a Billion people end their suffering from chronic illness and turn their health from a liability into their greatest asset. The tools he has co-created to achieve this goal with other amazing souls involve a holistic healing system to […]