Claudette Anderson – Co Creating The Universe & Overcoming Victimhood – GNG #29

Claudette Anderson is a Truth Facilitator, Lover of Your Soul and The Ancient Knowledge, Warrior for Your Freedom, Intuitive, CEO, author, and business owner who is passionate for everyone to remember their true power and purpose. She helps people eliminate the thoughts that paralyze us from taking action or enjoying life to the fullest. She speaks to your soul and I call you to remember who you really are. Not the crap that runs through your mind making you feel less than who you are.

Claudette Anderson

Claudette Anderson The Truth Method is a simple way to access Truth within your being and eliminate the bullsh*t that holds you back from how powerful you really can be. We are tricked into thinking that we are not enough and fall short in many ways. But…whispering within your very being is the truth that […]

Claudette Anderson Truth Method & Healing Cancer

Truth Method & Healing Cancer In this first episode of our podcast, we will unravel the truth about our bodies. How our thoughts could turn impossible into reality? Our guest Claudette Anderson has completely recovered from stage 4 cervical cancer without medical help. But who is Claudette Anderson? She is the Truth Facilitator, Lover of […]