From Addiction To Conviction - The Path of the Conscious Creator

A school drop-out boy turned drug-addict. He was 16 years old when he becomes a full-blown crack dealer and at the same time addict. By most external measures, he was failing in school, in business, and in life. Everything doesn’t seem to work for him until one day, he found himself through a chance meeting with Tony Robbins.

Eric has overcome drug addiction to a person with a conviction by taking ownership of his own destiny. This podcast goes through the steps he walked through to make this happen, including his experience with the plant medicine Iboga that leads him to a massive transformation.

All these that I have said are just the icing of the cake, there are so much more in this podcast. If you were able to find those life-transforming advice from this episode, let me know in the comment section below, I love to hear from you.

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Eric Balance: From Addiction To Conviction

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01:16 Who is Eric Balance? 02:24 Does it need a drug injection to become purpose-driven? 05:43 Upbringing of Eric Balance 14:16 The turning point in Eric’s life at UPW 17:47 What’s the drug sensation once taken? Does it give you free will? 18:54 How to get off the drug addiction? 23:51 We are one, we are all connected 24:48 The awakening journey of Eric 28:42 How to transform ME to WE? 30:32 Why Iboga is so special to Eric? 33:29 A Prayer that gives peace and awakens desire 34:48 Eric’s life plan for the next 5 years 36:33 How to align your passion with the universe? 38:29 What’s the greatest blockage that prevents people from reaching their goals? 40:47 The process of helping coaching clients transform and grow their business 43:29 Eric’s point of view to Coronavirus pandemic and the world’s uncertainty 51:05 How to connect with Eric


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