Claudette Anderson

The Truth Method is a simple way to access Truth within your being and eliminate the bullsh*t that holds you back from how powerful you really can be. We are tricked into thinking that we are not enough and fall short in many ways. But…whispering within your very being is the truth that there is more within you, waiting to be unlocked! The Truth Method is my proven system, specifically designed to help you unlock your freedom and embrace your true power and potential.

So many of us have wished to be set free from the beliefs that take our power and drain our precious energy.  Have you ever noticed that the mind rarely goes quiet? This is that “chihuahua” mind again, running around and keeping you up all night. There is a secret that no one has shared with you, until now. So many of us have wished to be set free from the bullshit beliefs that take our power and drain our precious energy.  Isn’t it time to draw the line in the sand and say “no more?”

This secret is that you have the capability to access the Truth within your being to start to de-program yourself from what I call “the monkey bullsh*t!” When the non-supportive thought has been replaced by the truth, it doesn’t keep coming back. This is real healing. The only power that is strong enough to rise from within your soul and set you free, is the Truth!

Here’s the deal: we can train our minds to do just about anything, BUT we can’t heal our inner selves without changing what we believe at a soul level first. Want to make better choices, stop beating yourself up,  better relationships, succeed at business or be more successful? It is all about what do you believe and what is the Truth? If the mind alone could fix you, it would have already!

We have to replace the beliefs that don’t support us with the truth that causes us to step into our freedom. If you’re ready to remember who you really are and what you’re really capable of, then it’s to access your truth and get started!

Claudette Anderson


Discover the door to the next level of your ascension, and walk the path with other like  minded souls to the next level of consciousness.


Claudette Anderson – Co Creating The Universe & Overcoming Victimhood – GNG #29

Claudette Anderson is a Truth Facilitator, Lover of Your Soul and The Ancient Knowledge, Warrior for Your Freedom, Intuitive, CEO, author, and business owner who is passionate for everyone to remember their true power and purpose. She helps people eliminate the thoughts that paralyze us from taking action or enjoying life to the fullest. She speaks to your soul and I call you to remember who you really are. Not the crap that runs through your mind making you feel less than who you are.

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