Amplified Living ep #10 – Lisa DeMayo – Entrepreneur, Mom, Author and Millionaire Network Marketer

An engaging conversation filled with opportunity and new concepts for modern business and the creation of abundance through the connection and service to others. Lisa shares a bit of her story, what motivates her and why she’s so excited to be where she is today in business, in nurturing her family and in the leadership of helping others get what they want. Lisa’s entrepreneurial ambitions have taken her to invest in helping people.


Amplified Living ep #9 – Richard Norton – Enlightened Martial Artist, Actor, & Expert Story Teller

Starring in Mad Max, The Octagon, Suicide Squad and much more: Meet Mr Richard Norton along with his beauti-heart-full wife, Australian actress/model Judy Green. It’s a raw and real enlightened conversation that digs deep into the struggles and successes we all experience in life. This wide ranging discussion takes us on a journey through Zen philosophy, veganism, happy relationships, the complicated life of super-stars and Masterful Mariachi music. Pay attention and you’ll discover some insightful secrets to what it takes to achieve the state of “Flow” and expand into your purpose and find your passion.


Amplified Living ep #8 – Kirsty Victoria – Stuck Parents, Challenging Children: A How To Manual…

Bringing along her years of experience working on the front lines of relationship problems and challenging parenting. Kirsty Victoria works in the homes of those that know their struggling and who reach out for professional coaching and advice. It’s the modern version of the super nanny as we dive in with real techniques that you can apply immediately. In our Covid-19 lockdown world you eventually realize that all you have is your health and your relationships… Make them great!



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