Amplified Living ep #8 – Kirsty Victoria – Stuck Parents, Challenging Children: A How To Manual…

Bringing along her years of experience working on the front lines of relationship problems and challenging parenting. Kirsty Victoria works in the homes of those that know their struggling and who reach out for professional coaching and advice. It’s the modern version of the super nanny as we dive in with real techniques that you can apply immediately. In our Covid-19 lockdown world you eventually realize that all you have is your health and your relationships… Make them great!


Amplified Living ep #7 – Angus Uebergang – Creator, Optimizer, Marketing Expert, Martial Artist & Expanded Soul

If you pay close enough attention you can see the whirlwind of cogs swiftly working in his mind as he maps your entire marketing and business plan with the ease of a super computer. Ok, maybe not that fast but, if you looking to amplify your business or build that concept you’ve been dreaming about this is the guy to use to get it done. He’ll not only help you get the most effective results, he’ll also help you do it in a budget that won’t break your bank. An extraordinarily talented martial artist and without surprise a deep philosophical soul, Angus shines most when he’s of service. Business, Martial Arts, and builder of dreams tune and then touch base with Angus here https://bit.ly/youruniquemessage


Amplified Living ep #6 – Gary Ng, Entrepreneur, Father, Cosmic Being

Successful entrepreneur, business coach, and creator of the Happiness, Success and Fun movement Gary Ng delves deep into what it takes to be a multiple business owner, home (cosmic) schooling his children and deepen your relationship with your partner and self. It’s a candid conversation that gets to the honest core of fear, not being enough, and actual techniques that you can use to Awaken your Superpowers. www.garyng.com.au


Amplified Living ep #5 – Shane Anderson – Business, Success & Psychedelics

Shane Anderson an entrepreneur who came from literally nothing. No education and against all odds this individual shares how he found his path and discusses the steps he took to get him to where he is today. Speaking in front of 50 Thousand people, built his businesses worth millions of dollars and perhaps one of the most genuine blokes you’d like to talk to… shaneanderson.biz



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