Losing Millions To Finding True Happiness

From being an Optometrist practitioner, Anil Gupta resigned and enter the world of the stock market and then failed. Then he ventures on real estate and failed again until the only solution he has in mind is to commit suicide in order to escape the humiliation from his peers on his identity collapsing. It was at this moment that he feels futile and helpless but ironically, it is also at this moment he found the missing piece for his success that he is enjoying right now. If what is that, you will find it in this podcast. So make sure to listen until the last seconds and I guarantee you, you will find lots of gold-nuggets on this episode.

Anil Gupta is the best selling author of Immediate Happiness, and speaks on stages all over the world, has a thriving coaching practice and has had numerous appearances at Harvard and Fox news. He is a guest speaker and workshop leader on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Anil recently has spoken in front of 10,000 fans in Columbia.

He has written a number of published articles with the most recent one for the Virgin group. He has received awards for his life-enhancing work. He is available as a dynamic and entertaining speaker or as a coach that helps people get clarity rapidly so that they can lead richer, fuller and more fulfilled lives.

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Anil Gupta: Losing Millions To Finding True Happiness

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Who is Anil Gupta? – 1:16

How one sentence could change your life? – 3:07

What is GUT? – 4:27

The awakening journey of Anil Gupta – 8:46

The tipping point of Anil’s life when he is on the verge of suicide – 11:30

How do you deal with failures(Loss)? – 13:08

“The more attachment that we have in life, the less happy we’ll enjoy” – 16:49

Rituals to attract success – 17:11

Why encantation are so powerful? – 18:07

How do you find your true purpose in life? – 19:28

What does experience play on our life’s journey? – 24:24

What is awareness? – 26:18

Outlook for today’s society – 29:19

Why are we here on the planet? – 30:00

My learnings with the different coaches I had in life – 31:19

Do we really have to experience failure in order to be awakened? – 35:35

Anil Gupta’s routine – 37:31

What is it like to be in India? – 39:14

What would our society look like when we became more aware and conscious? – 43:23

How do you connect with Anil Gupta? – 44:41


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