Amplified Living ep #12 - Natasha Todorovic-Cowan - Human Consciousness & Spiral Dynamics

In this episode we get the opportunity to speak with Natasha Todorovic-Cowan who is the Founder of NVC Consulting and owner of the brand “Spiral Dynamics“. She consults, coaches and trains clients worldwide on use of the Spiral Dynamics tools, and models and approaches based on the bio-psychosocial development theory of Dr. Clare W. Graves.  We take our time to dig into many pre-conceived notions about humanity and consciousness and although we are discussing Spiral Dynamics at a basic level (We’re definitely going to have a round 2 for sure) there were a number of moments when “the penny dropped” for myself.  You’ll be able to sense those moments as I pause to process what she shared.

I was first introduced to this concept while following Tony Robbins around the world attending his lectures and private functions. Immersed in a community of growth, achievement and hopeful futures one can quickly sense that the achiever in me embraced a concept of growing, improving and essentially brain hacking.  In this podcast I can surely say that what I thought is no longer how I see things today.  Enjoy this wide ranging discussion and read on my friends.

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