Awaken masters acts as a lighthouse to guide souls that are on their awakening journey to remember who they truly are and how to return home.

Awaken Masters does this by sharing wisdom designed to raise consciousness through the content shared and their vibrational frequencies.

Simply tap into the knowledge of the collective awakening masters and access the deep truth from within.

Best part is: You can listen to this while you drive, on the bus, running or even while showering. 

Each of our amazing guests have condensed their lifetime wisdom into consumable 1-2 hour segments for our soul to enjoy.

How this works is… instead of: 

We will show you a way to discover Revolutionary ideas.

Tap into the truth of our universal consciousness

This experience will allow you to:

Not to mention, raising consciousness for humanity…
Essentially creating Heaven on Earth.

All this without needing to give up: 


Without needing to meditate for years solo in the woods

Awaken Masters works only with People who are open and ready to live a deeper and more meaningful life beyond simply accumulating ‘stuff’ of this physical world.


Discover the door to the next level of your ascension, and walk the path with other like
minded souls to the next level of consciousness.